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About the Role

Sophie Society has opened a new slot for a dedicated Amazon PPC Strategist to join our team. Sophie is an official Amazon Ads partner and host of the most well attended digital Amazon PPC focused event in the world- The Profitable PPC Challenge. You’ll be joining a fast-paced, innovative, young and energetic team of experts, with a culture of mastery and accelerated growth.In this role, you will be responsible for the success of the Amazon PPC Ads for a set of brands. This is an intrapreneurial role that allows you to directly scale your rewards as you scale your results.

Hiring Process


After submitting your CV, if you meet the qualifications, you'll receive an invitation for a virtual interview.


Upon successfully completing the virtual interview, you'll be emailed instructions to take a test.


Passing the test will prompt an invitation for a final interview call.

final interview with HEAD OF PPC and hiring manager

If you do not qualify at any step, you'll receive a rejection email.

Meet the Team

Even though we are a remote team, we have yearly company retreats where we meet to strategize and bond.

The word "young" doesn't necessarily imply that we are young in age; rather, it signifies that we have a very youthful and energetic spirit within our team.

Passionate about what we do, we host internal masterminds to share knowledge. From the insights we gather, we organize bi-yearly PPC-focused events for Amazon sellers.

About Sophie Society and what we stand for

We stand for hard work, goal-driven, and fun! Sophie Society has a familial vibe-driven culture where you instantly feel at home. Sounds too good to be true, right? Join a team that exudes a homey atmosphere. So, how do we achieve this?

We care! Our hiring process is lengthy—very lengthy—comprising four steps: CV screening, Myinterview, testing, and a final interview. We apologize for the length, but we only accept candidates willing to prove themselves and stand out 🙂

We enjoy working together! The PPC Team hosts internal mastermind sessions where knowledge and victories are shared. These meetings are intense, so be prepared.

We offer a defined growth path. Our unique 360-degree feedback system provides new perspectives on personal development. After all, nothing great is built without feedback.

We organize Amazon PPC event called “The Profitable PPC Challenge” where you can learn from thought leaders and eventually be promoted to the status of a mentor, publicly recognized as a thought leader in the space.

Annual company retreats bring us together to strategize for the coming years and strengthen team bonds. Get ready to be invited to one of our retreats!

We maintain an active remote community using Slack as our primary communication platform. Here, you can get your questions answered, share your victories with the entire company, and even receive recognition in our dedicated channel. Additionally, we host monthly meetings called SophieTalks, where we embrace weirdness and even encourage it! Well, I won’t reveal more; let’s leave some secrets to spark curiosity!

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