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The Amazon marketplace gets more competitive for sellers every year.


Succeeding as a brand on Amazon takes constant vigilance staying on the cutting edge of what is working now to launch products and scale sales. Fortunately, we at Sophie Society are here to take this burden off you so you can put your customers and products first.

Founded by a 7-Figure brand owner and scientist, Sophie takes a truth-finding and data driven approach to discovering what works on Amazon today. Through tireless experimentation our team of researchers consistently uncovers strategies that lead to massive success on this platform.

From getting more traffic (Amazon PPC, launches, and promotions) to boosting conversions (listing optimization, photo/video generation, EBC creation), our strategies work not because somebody said them on a webinar, but because we’ve tried and tested them with our Delta, Alpha and Omega solutions for countless brands ourselves.

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Advanced PPC Management For Amazon Sellers

Sophie Society sees PPC as one gear in the engine of your Amazon business. We use a scientific approach to deliver a world class advertising performance on all Amazon marketplaces. Also, we provide holistic strategic input for your Amazon business, using the conclusions from our weekly reports. All provided by a trusted PPC Success Manager who never takes his eyes off your account.

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Your All-In-One Success Partnership For Amazon

If you are looking to grow your entire business to the highest level on Amazon, here is your gamechanger. In Alpha, we merge all our services into 1 turnkey solution. This is what our most successful brands choose. We take charge of growing your business's top-line revenue and also handle all the time-consuming back-end work. With Alpha, you are always supported by Sophie Society’s best Strategy Agents, so every challenge becomes an opportunity. With our data dashboards, you see how each and every change and initiative effects the cold hard numbers that matter to your business.

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Sophie's team of AMZ experts will chart your growth and expand your brand internationally across 6 Amazon marketplaces: the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain – for maximum effectiveness.


Working in short feedback loops to achieve steep growth curves. We provide weekly and monthly reports, with strategic recommendations.


From PPC to launches, we run the most powerful and cost-effective promotions to get your products top visibility and increase their sales.

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From customer support, to removing negative feedback and liaising with Seller support. We pair you with an account manager who takes care of your day to day operations, globally.


Through professional-grade EBC, photos, videos, and Storefronts - Our team of highly talented Visual artists will showcase your products and brand’s story in the most engaging and tactile way.


We constantly improve upon and update your bullets, product descriptions, titles, visual content, back end keywords and more to stay on top of your competition, maximize your conversion rates and boost your visibility.



Professional Content For Your Amazon Listings

As a seller, you may believe in your products, but we need to make your customers believe in them too. This is where effective visuals come into play. From stunning product photography to captivating videos, storytelling EBC and listing content - Our Omega suite encompasses solutions that can help you prevent an information overload, communicate your product’s best features and benefits to potential customers and increase the conversions and visibility of your listings. Your brand will finally be able to stand out from its competitors and take a share of the market it rightfully deserves.

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We translate your listings in 4 languages: Italian, French, Spanish and German - to support your international expansion goals, boost your brand’s visibility and increase revenue.


Our Enhanced Brand Content doesn’t just tell your brand's story, it delves deeper into the features and benefits of your products, showcases additional visuals and Cross sells or Up sells to customers who scroll down to learn more.


Translate your listing in Italian, French, Spanish and German, to support your international expansion, boost your brand’s visibility and conquer European markets.

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There’s only 1 chance for a good first impression, which is why our professional product photographers ensure that your visuals always focus on your product and its best features and benefits in the most eye-catching way.


With 96% of customers finding product videos useful in their decision-making process. Our Videographers go the extra mile to create works of art that show your product in use, highlight its features and benefits and allow shoppers to imagine it in their hands.

About us

About us

We believe that mobilizing a dedicated community of spirited people is the best way to solve hard problems. We believe that we can be significantly more effective by utilizing our strengths and leveraging each other’s superpowers to fill in our weaknesses. We believe that thinking from first principles and listening to the data is more effective than acting on a hunch. Therefore, Sophie Society is composed of top 1% marketplace experts in every domain from high-level strategy to PPC advertising to content generation. Meet our team below:

Chris Rawlings

CEO & Founder

Akshay Hassaram

Vice President

Joseph Torossian

Head of Conversion


Dragana Lukic

Head of Creative Content

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-03 at 22_edited_edited.jpg

Alexandru Tabacaru

Head of PPC


Andres Esquivel

Senior Brand Strategist


Viktorija Maksimova

Head of Partnerships


Hans Baetsen

Sales Executive

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Reach out to us for any questions or information regarding our solutions. We cannot wait to hear from you! And keep in mind: "One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever".

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