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Trusted by These Legends

What Our Customers Say

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Fergal Collins | A1Vitality

“Sophie’s management of my PPC for over a year now has been a fantastic decision for my business and a relief to me. Their insightful attention to detail and proactive approach has not only lowered my brand’s ACOS but greatly improved our sales making them an invaluable asset. With the expertise of Chris, Akshay, Andres, and the entire Sophie team, I have complete confidence that my PPC management is in the best hands. I highly recommend Sophie to anyone looking to take their Amazon presence to the next level.”

Scaling revenue with PPC is easy. Doing it profitably is hard.

PPC is not optional anymore for brands selling on Amazon. In the last 2 years, PPC has morphed from a nice option to get some extra traffic into a vital tool sellers must use to drive ranking, scale sales volume, and maximize profitability.
On the Amazon marketplace of today, sellers without sophisticated PPC management are bound for decline no matter how good their products are.
But truly effective PPC management takes a LOT of time, and deep dedicated expertise.
Sophie integrates into your team and creates the PPC structure necessary for you to maximize the amount of relevant traffic to your listings, and maximize the sales from that traffic.

We create & execute a winning Amazon PPC strategy that is aligned with your goals for your brand.

Drive Ranking

*Real ranking campaign results from Sophie PPC managed launch
Drive Ranking

Search term: 20,000 searches a month

Grow Sales & Profit

*Real sales data from Sophie PPC managed account

We Become Your Trusted Advisor


Office products brand increased sales by 173% in 12 months without increasing TACoS

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We Partner with Brands we Believe in.

We don't work with Proctor and Gamble. We work with you to make sure your brand beats Proctor and Gamble.

We love brands with character- with real humans behind the logo. Our mission is to elevate the next generation of brands started by passionate people who really know and care about their customers.

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Saf Jesani

Founder of King of Flash

Sophie Society PPC Management Partner

Don't Take It From Us.
Here Is What Our Partners Are Saying

Recognized industry thought leadership

"Sophie" is the Greek root for wisdom. Inspired from Chris's background in physics, Sophie's culture revolves around uncovering truth through the scientific method.
We don’t get out strategies from “Top 10” blogs or courses. We discover winning strategies by hypothesizing, experimenting, and validating in the real world (on the Amazon marketplace). This is how we’ve come to represent the cutting edge of actual working strategies on the marketplace, and how we’ve created many of the winning formulas adopted by top industry masterminds and courses.
Chris and Sophie Society have become some of the most sought after PPC thought leaders in the Amazon space.
Chris has been invited to speak at all of the most well-respected Amazon Seller conferences. From Amazing Selling Machine’s SellerCon, to Titan Network’s FBA Live Conference, to Orange Klik’s Seller Fest. Our ever evolving school of thought for producing results with Amazon PPC has been adopted by many of the most recognized Amazon seller masterminds in the industry.
“Leaving behind a life dedicated to Physics and engineering, my life permanently changed after I started my first Amazon brand. After scaling this brand into a multi-million dollar home health products empire, I began advising and growing select high-potential brands from the community of Amazon sellers I was immersed in. My focus and mission now is to identify brands and teams I truly believe in, and help them grow faster.”
Chris Rawlings
Sophie Society Founder and CEO

Proud Amazon Ads Verified Partner

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Check out some of Chris's content:

We don't work with Proctor and Gamble. We work with you to make sure your brand beats Proctor and Gamble.
We love brands with character- with real humans behind the logo. Our mission is to elevate the next generation of brands started by passionate people who really know and care about their customers.

Bring on a Team of Leaders and Executors:

Work with the

TOP 1%

of Amazon PPC Talent

Our culture demands greatness from our Senior PPC Strategists. We have an extremely strict hiring process that accepts only 0.4% of applicants. Advanced PPC experts join Sophie Society because they are ambitious and they are looking to level up their game and be held to a high standard. We take our partners and our customers’ success as seriously as we take our own.

Your PPC Team

Senior PPC Strategist

A seasoned and proven PPC pro who charts your strategy and makes the highest level decisions on your account

Tactical PPC Manager

A proven professional himself, your tactical PPC manager works under your senior strategist to execute the day-to-day of small actions necessary on the account

Data Maven

Your data Maven provides the rest of your Sophie team with the data they need to make good decisions and take actions on the account


All Senior PPC Strategists participate in an elite internal mastermind lead by Chris Rawlings where the greatest minds in Sophie gather to collectively solve your account's toughest issues.

We only win if you win

Most agencies will charge you either a flat percentage of ad spend or thousands of dollars for a monthly retainer to manage your ads.

Other elite agencies will charge both.

Sophie Society is the only elite-level Amazon-verified advertising partner that charges neither.

These models make tons of money for these agencies whether or not your brand succeeds. That’s not how we roll. At Sophie we lead from the heart, not the wallet.

This is why we run on a partner program model where we only win if you win. Since we are essentially becoming investors in the brands we work with, we are application-only. However, once accepted this model allows us to work with brands of all sizes as long as we believe in the brand, its products, and most importantly, its founding team.

Ready to win together?

What happens if you are accepted?

1. Your marketplace knight in shining armor is matched

You are paired with your top level PPC Strategist.

2. We become experts in your brand

We collect all the information from you and your account that we need to be part of your team.

3. Meeting of the minds

You have your kickoff meeting with your strategist where we review your goals for your brand, and for each product in your brand. Your strategist then uses this information to chart the path for your account.

4. Quick wins

Our team does an audit of your account to get some quick wins. We remove wasted ad spend, and create low volume high profit campaigns that improve your economics fast.

5. Implementation

Instead of tearing everything down and starting from scratch, we clean up and adapt the setup you already have running. Using this gentle steering technique while adding the necessary new campaigns, your account undergoes a smooth transition to your new strategic roadmap.

Our PPC Philosophy

Truth lies at the heart of our philosophy about how PPC should be managed for the best possible results.

Our Senior strategists continuously add to an ever expanding library of PPC knowledge we call the Sophie Society PPC bible. In it we’re constantly recording all the lessons we learn and codifying them into new principles to follow. We have dedicated protocols for everything PPC, from PPC launch protocols to profit maximization protocols.

Our Approach

Most sellers think their job managing PPC is to lower their ACoS (Average Cost of Sale), but this is only part of the story. Other sellers will tell you that the real game is minimizing TACoS (Total Average Cost of Sale). Again, minimizing TACoS is part of the story (a big part), but not the whole story.

For your PPC to perform with excellence and truly accelerate your brand toward your goals, your PPC Optimization framework must be continuously reformed as your product passes through the Amazon Product Lifecycle Stages. At each stage of an Amazon Product Lifecycle, the optimization framework is different.

This is why you may have seen some initial success with an agency or contractor, only to have it taper off. As a product passes through different stages, everything from the bidding strategy, to the campaign budgeting, to the breakdown of placement types, has to be re-calibrated.

We are proud to be an
Amazon Ads Verified Partner

We host the massively popular Profitable PPC Challenge, the #1 most well-attended PPC-focused digital event of the year in 2023 by sellers

Next one starts

April 22 to April 26, 2024


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